Message from Director CEE

Kamran Bilgrami Kamran Bilgrami

Welcome to the Center for Executive Education (CEE), IBA, Karachi!

Reimagining Management and Leadership Development Programs through Creativity, Innovation and Diversity.Join us for all-in exciting and customized programs that allow Organizations, Professionals and Entrepreneurs to be fully immersed with an instant learning application while interacting with the best in the field, Faculty Members and Executives drawn from a broad range of sectors.

IBA, Karachi has been offering Professional Development Programs since its inception in 1955. The Center for Executive Education (CEE), at IBA, Karachi was formally established in 2004, and has since grown in scope, hybrid programs, locations and quality outcome. The CEE has a track record for supporting learning culture with a strong network of Local and Global Faculty Members and Collaborations.

Our world is transforming at an astronomical and unrecognizable pace and to keep up, at CEE we understand this is an important time for all involved. We need to develop the most in-demand skills and strategies to keep ahead of the required pace. At CEE, we have been acting as a facilitator of both the Knowledge Management and the Knowledge Economy for Organizations, Professionals and Entrepreneurs. We pride ourselves on high interactivity, connecting professionals and critical thinkers that allow participants to approach and solve their challenges in unique and interesting ways.

It is a very exciting time at CEE, where Faculty Members, my Team and I plan to introduce new portfolios, develop concepts and co-created solutions on how we can improve the learning experience of Executive Education in Pakistan. We invite organizations and individuals to come together and forge strategic partnerships with CEE.

Join us on the journey of constant change for sustainable growth and to meet the challenging demands of the innovative business world characterized by modernization and exponential transformation.

I along with my Team will be very happy to assist you in any inquiries regarding Executive Education, Organizational Development Programs, Industry Research, Collaborations and Consultancies.

Thank you,

Kamran Bilgrami

Center for Executive Education (CEE)
IBA, Karachi