The recurrent theme of IBA is to continuously expand its programs and services so as to provide education and skills to individuals who would like to obtain a degree, advance their career, or pursue personal enrichment. The IBA Summer School Program has been conceived with inspirations drawn from Summer Schools at Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, UCLA, BU, LSE, Indian Bangalore Summer Programs, King's College, Kellogg, and Monash.

Currently, IBA has been offering business and computer science courses every summer to individuals including existing students, both undergraduates and graduates. The IBA Summer School concept is to develop and sustain a wide range of beneficial and innovative academic and skill-development courses and programs for a diverse population of students and adults alike, so as to provide them with an opportunity to develop and enhance their academic, professional, and personal experience.

Benefits - Academic, Social, & Aspirational

For Youth & Students

Students from high-school, college, university, undergraduate, and graduate programs, teachers, and adult learners from within and outside Pakistan will have the privilege of studying under experienced faculty/specialists
Individuals who would like to obtain a certificate in a given subject can enroll in courses of their choice
Students and adults wishing to improve and enhance their personal skills can choose a specialized course.
For Educators, Teachers & School Leaders

Faculty and Teachers can opt for faculty development courses that will develop and enhance their teaching techniques and pedagogy in the classroom.
For Supervisors

People who would like to progress in their career, or are embarking on a new career path can join courses that would facilitate them in their professional lives
Eminent and experienced personalities will be invited to IBA to conduct short courses, which will enable networking opportunities for students within and outside IBA
Participants will get a chance to interact and network with a diverse group of people from all walks of life. They will also get an opportunity to meet faculty and students at IBA firsthand, in a sociable and open environment


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