Welcome to the IBA Summer School 2018!

Since its establishment in 1955, the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) has been offering business and computer science courses every summer to existing students, both undergraduates and graduates. These courses consist of the core disciplines of accounting, marketing, management, economics, finance, quantitative techniques, entrepreneurship, management information system and social sciences. In the recent years, it has further expanded its programs to include BS, MS and PhD Programs in Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Information Technology. Other programs have been launched since then, which include BBA (Entrepreneurship), BS (Economics & Mathematics), MS (Economics), and BS (Social Sciences & Liberal Arts). The list is growing.

The IBA Summer School concept is to develop and sustain a wide range of beneficial and innovative academic and skill-development courses and programs for a diverse population of students and adults alike, so as to provide them with an opportunity to develop and enhance their academic, professional, and personal experience.

The benefit of the IBA Summer School Program is two-fold - to provide students and other individuals with an opportunity to develop and enhance their academic, professional, and personal experience, under the tutelage of eminent and experienced personalities, and to promote IBA as one of the top schools in Pakistan, so as to attract candidates from within the country and abroad to join its diverse degree programs. Through this program, participants will also get a chance to interact and network with a diverse group of students and faculty as well, in a sociable and dynamic environment.

We welcome you to our IBA community for an exciting and diverse educational experience.

Looking forward to a wonderful association and a successful year ahead!

Team, IBA Summer School

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